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Aaron Piggott

Teacher of PE & Head of Year 11 at University Technical College Norwich

Why did you choose the school-based teacher training route?
“After university, I did some sports coaching which really inspired me to get in to teaching. After working as a teaching assistant I decided that school-based teacher training was definitely best for me because it’s hands on and you get to learn on the job.”

How did you find studying at the Norfolk Teacher Training Centre?
“It’s a tough year but I enjoyed it thoroughly! You are thrown in to the deep end but that’s exactly what you need and you gain such valuable experience. The course is split into 4 days a week teaching in a local school and 1 day a week in the classroom learning the theory and reflecting on the rest of the week which was a really nice balance.  During the 4 day work experience aspect of the course, you are given a mentor to help guide you through the course. I found this massively helpful and it really contributed to ensuring that I achieved my goals throughout the year.”

What are your plans for the future?
“I feel that I’ve established myself as an outstanding teacher so I’m currently looking to continue this but also continue to establish myself in the Head of Year aspect of my role.”