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Graham Smith

Teacher of ICT & Computer Science at City of Norwich School

Why did you decide to become a teacher?
“Before deciding to be a teacher, I worked as an IT Systems Project and Programme Manager for a variety of large companies. As part of this role I had line management responsibilities and I thoroughly enjoyed working with people to get the best out of them. I also taught rugby to a group of teenagers in North Walsham and discovered that I really enjoyed working with young people. It was a big step to decide to become a teacher so I did a 6 month placement as an Instructor with a local school, which was organised through the NTTC, to make sure that this was right for me. It was really good and it made me want to do the course so I decided to go for it!”

Why did you choose the school-based teacher training route at the Norfolk Teacher Training Centre?
“I chose NTTC because I had a really good feeling about it after meeting the Paul McCann, Director of NTTC. I liked the schools-based teacher training rather than the PGCE route because it was more hands on and matched my learning style.”

How did you find studying at the Norfolk Teacher Training Centre?
“I had a good time during my 6 month placement as an instructor and went on to gain experience in 2 different schools. I really liked the pedagogy side of things which is basically the methods and science of teaching. The cohort that I was a part of was really good and very supportive so there was a really nice camaraderie which meant a lot.”

How did the Norfolk Teacher Training Centre support your progression in to your current role?
“Paul McCann was a really good sounding board throughout the course and was really good for helping us to apply for jobs and prepare for interviews which was really helpful as applying for jobs in the teaching profession is very different to other industries.”

What are your plans for the future?
“I really enjoy teaching at the moment and I think I can develop my skills even further before going for a head of department role. I have also developed an interest in the pastoral side of teaching after working in a tutor role which I love because I like the challenge of trying to either celebrate success or spot issues early so they can be addressed before they become big issues. I can see that this might be an area that I’d like to go on to.”