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Sarah Baker

Mathematics Teacher at Broadland High School

Why did you decide to become a teacher?
“When I left school I did an engineering apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence and spent 12 years working in telecommunications in the RAF. After having my children, I started helping out in their school and enjoyed it so much that I started working as a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) whilst studying for my degree with the Open University.”

Why did you choose the school-based teacher training route at the Norfolk Teacher Training Centre?
“I chose the NTTC because there were 2 former graduates working at the school where I was working as a LSA who recommended it to me. I chose the school-based training route because it was less academic more hands on. I think that if you want to be in the job the best thing to do is to be doing it – for me, it was the best way to learn.”

How did you find studying at the Norfolk Teacher Training Centre?
“It was really good, it was a lovely experience and everyone was so supportive. You get a couple of meetings before you start where you meet all your class mates. We would then meet once a week and would get chance to do the theory which also included talks from lots of different industry specialists. During the work placement part of the course, I had a really good mentor and the staff at the school were really supportive and helpful so the whole process was really good. It was hard and quite challenging at times but very enjoyable.”

How did the Norfolk Teacher Training Centre support your progression in to your current role?
“Paul McCann, Director of the NTTC, has really good links with local schools and is able to make us aware of opportunities available to us. From day one the NTTC would help with anything from application forms and interview preparation and we were also able to give us tips on what schools are looking for in an applicant.”

What are your plans for the future?
"I’m still learning my craft and I think it will take me a few more years to be really confident in what I’m doing so I will continue at this level with a view to picking up extra responsibilities in other areas around the school along the way. After that, I’d quite like to be a head of year and I’m quite interested in pastoral roles."