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Secondary Schools Development Programme

Our Secondary Schools Leadership Development Programme is a tailored package of professional development designed to support all those from emerging leaders to aspiring heads.

  • Training and development that is tailored specifically to your needs and the particular point in your professional development
  • Focussed, interactive small group workshops (max. 12) to help develop practical strategies for personal and school development
  • Tackling key issues facing secondary leadership today

An opportunity to share real life experience with other leaders

We are proud to offer school leadership and development opportunities that are different from those offered elsewhere.

We are committed to providing professional development that really makes a difference in schools. This is why our Secondary School Leadership Development Programme places a strong emphasis on an approach tailored to your particular needs at the moment.

Our sessions are practical and realistic and will help you plan your career path whilst simultaneously developing your current contribution to the leadership of your school.

Programme overview

Each programme consists of 4 workshops of 3 hours each; a total of 12 hours per programme.

Our trainers make contact with all delegates prior to the first event in order to ensure that your objectives and aspirations are incorporated in to each programme:

  • Programme 1: Aspiring Senior Leaders
  • Programme 2: Emerging Leaders
  • Programme 3: Developing Leaders

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the workshops or would like any further information please contact Paul McCann, NTTC Director, on (01603) 773 708 or email